Spyware and Malware

Top Ten Facts about Spyware and Malware

“There is no software available that can remove all spyware or malware”

Spyware seems to be the topic of the day. Here are some important facts that you need to know

about spyware removal and how to protect yourself.

Fact 1: Spyware and Malware can easily be installed on a system without the user’s knowledge. In some cases one infection can propagate many more infections by downloading and installing malicious software stealthily in the background.


It only takes one piece of software specifically designed to download and install other pieces of software to infect your system, after all, the beauty of a computer is that the only limit is the imagination.

Fact 2: There is no software available that can remove all spyware or malware because of the techniques that are used to release new variants and new strains of infections into the wild.


In a recent study by PCworld (http://www.pcworld.com/reviews/article/0,aid,119572,00.asp) analysts compared 9 of the top spyware scanning and removal applications against each other. Each application was tested on a system infected with common spyware threats, and then compared against each other to see which product was best at spyware removal and detection. The top three applications detected 65% to 85% of the spyware on the test system, while all the other application detection rates were well below 56%, and as low as 5%. So counting on one piece of software for spyware removal is not a safe bet.

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Fact 3: Spyware and malware infections can make pieces of your identity just a few mouse clicks away for criminals because of the ability of the software to gather and report personal information about you.


As if the increase in offline Identity theft in the past year was not enough, Spyware and Malware have helped criminals mine information in the blink of an eye with one single click of a mouse. Online Identity theft and Fraud now leads the way as the method of choice to rip people off. The most upsetting fact of this trend is that while techniques and education are improving to catch and prevent fraud and identity theft, so is the turnaround time for criminals to use the information. Most individuals that discover they have been a victim of stolen personal information realize this well after they have already been victimized.
The Identity Theft Resource Center, a nonprofit organization, shares these chilling facts about identity theft:
– 13.3 people become victims of identity theft every minute.
– It takes an average of 600 hours to fix your credit history after ID theft.
– Victims face higher interest rates on all types of loans, increased credit card fees, higher insurance premiums, battles with collection agencies, and difficulties finding a job.
– It can take more than 10 years to clean up your credit after ID theft

Fact 4: Spyware and Malware can slow down your internet connection speed dramatically


Every piece of information that leaves your computer via the Internet has to use some of your bandwidth. A heavily infected system can send a significant amount of information out at any given time. This seriously limits the availability of bandwidth for legitimate uses and the user suffers a dramatic loss of maximum data transfer. In some cases, malware and spyware can turn your computer into a zombie that relays things like spam and viruses which uses even more system and bandwidth resources. Take a look at some of the major companies advertising campaigns and you will see how important it is to them that users prevent their systems from becoming infected. A surge in network traffic for an ISP can cost them MILLIONS of dollars.

Fact 5: Spyware and Malware take away precious system resources in your computer, making boot times longer and over all performance sluggish.


This topic is self explanatory. You only have so many system resources available in your computer to complete tasks. Every time you add another piece of software (good or bad) that requires attention, you are taking away resources from legitimate computer uses.

Fact 6: A spy Audit survey in 2004 suggests that over 90% of computers are infected with some type of spyware!


Remember, this is a piece of software that generates these statistics. If you think 90% is a lot, imagine all of the other stuff it is missing! It has been suggested that EVERY online computer has some type of spyware on it. This is particularly true when a computer is used to surf the internet and view websites. The amount of information that can be gathered from cookies alone allow companies to gain valuable information about your surfing habits.

Fact 7: Spyware and Malware can infect your system without your knowledge when you install certain software on your computer. Screen savers, online games, PC performance enhancers and even some spyware removal programs can “bundle” spyware and malware into their software.


Here is a list of bogus spyware removal applications that actually install more spyware onto your machine: http://www.spywarewarrior.com/rogue_anti-spyware.html

Fact 8: Many computer users resort to “reformatting” their computer to rid their system of spyware, resulting in complete data loss and hours of valuable time lost to working on their computers


Time to reformat a system ranges from 1 to 4 hours depending on the method used. It can take up to several hours to reinstall applications, drivers and updates. There is a high risk of re-infection if not done properly, making the system worse than before. In most cases users lose ALL their data. Of course reformatting your computer will remove spyware, but that does not mean you won’t get infected immediately if you reinstall your favorite free software again.

Fact 9: Some variants of spyware and malware can install backdoors to allow hackers complete control over a system. This often results in someone from the outside using your computer to send out spam and viruses.


http://spamlinks.net/stats.htm – This is a HUGE resource showing statistics on the amount of spam floating around on the internet. This is why spyware removal is so critical, everyday users are having their systems hijacked and used to create problems.

Fact 10: Businesses and individuals can spend thousands of dollars in a year on tech support, losing hours, days and even sometimes weeks and STILL have the same problems from the start!


http://www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,17240,00.asp In this article there are facts like this:
“Of 31 total problems posed to 18 stores, 18 were misdiagnosed or left unresolved. That percentage of wrong responses is slightly higher than in our 1998 results.”

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  • In many cases, the diagnosis performed through flow-chart scripting can misidentify problems, or lead to a completely wrong diagnosis. In many cases, symptom assessment tools used in a flow chart script start out correctly, but fail to ask all the correct questions.

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